Denise Frey Believes in Community

She believes that families and local businesses are a community's greatest strength. 

Denise believes that true community engagement is not simply complying with regulations. It's actively involving those on committees and commissions n decision making. It's reaching out to our most vulnerable. The community should be involved every step of the way. And when all is said and done, Denise takes responsibility for her decisions and learns from her mistakes, something the community respects.

Since moving to Bremerton in 2014, she has immersed herself in the Bremerton community and has had a lot of fun doing it! 

Denise Supports Local Businesses and Artists

Denise has been working to support local businesses and artists since she moved to Bremerton in 2014. 

Denise is hosting our Campaign Kick-Off at Campana's Pizzeria. Seth Campana is the 3rd generation owner/operator of Campana's here in Bremerton and Denise believes in the power of generational leadership. 

When it came to graphic campaign art, Denise called on Sam Enlow of Fingers Duke Design Studio to create the campaign's logo and marketing materials. We think they rock!

You may remember Sam's earlier work with Denise - she designed the Uncle Sam Mask Up Campaign and the BremerBond Campaign that raised $40k for local businesses during COVID. 

Denise Frey has worked with law enforcement agencies for many years. Here, she talks about the impact of the homelessness and fentanyl overdoses on our law enforcement and fire personnel.