"We must make sure that the needs of residents and local businesses are prioritized in the SR303 Corridor improvements planned in the coming years. A multi-modal path through East Bremerton should be developed for safe and easy access for all. This path would also make a natural border for a new City park!"

- Denise Frey

SR303 Corridor and Warren Avenue Bridge Multi-Modal Projects

District 2 is home to the SR303 Corridor, with an estimated 7,000 vehicles traveling north and south daily. Many are commuters and many others are residents who live in District 2.

Denise Frey represented Bremerton Chamber of Commerce in the 2019 SR303 Study and is dedicated to ensuring that residents and local businesses are made a priority as the improvements are made. Denise is also a champion of the Safe Routes to School Project for View Ridge Elementary, making sure that students can walk, bike or ride to school safely. One of her highest priorities is the extensive multi-modal path planned through District 2, which is why she fought hard for a safe and fully-accessible sidewalk to be included in the Warren Avenue Bridge Multi-Modal Project.

Ferry transportation to Seattle is also a priority and Denise supports Kitsap Transit in its efforts to mitigate the current problems with Washington State Ferries.